Friday, July 03, 2009

Travlin' in Style With the Putz

You would have had to have been asleep for the past several years not to know that Graham plays a washboard, which has suffered as much mission creep as the University has under him, in a local dixieland jazz band, The Deacons of Dixieland.

You may not know that the Deacons have preformed quite a bit in the South. For example, in 2002 they traveled to the W.C. Handy Festival in Florence Alabama. Here's a picture of their transportation to the festival that year.

Graham wasn't with them on that excursion, but in 2004 he made the trip to Florence for the festival. This time here's how some of the boys got home.

Notice a difference?

Gee, I hope Arne doesn't see this picture before he decides on whether Penn State deserves the stimulus money Rendell wants to deny the state-related schools. Remember the bad reaction to the mode of transportation that the GM executives used? Aaaaah... these sorts of appearances aren't good when you have your hand out Graham.

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1 comment:

Tullio said...

Well, you forgot to mention that "Graham is also a magician and is host of a live, viewer-call-in television program on public broadcasting. In his spare time he is the president of Penn State University" (this is from Deacons of Dixieland website). I bet Rendell doesn't want to give him even a penny...