Friday, April 03, 2009

The Collegian is Slipping

That's the headline on a letter to the Collegian from a Brian Cox which contains the following paragraphs
You have heard a lot of outright lies and misconception about the proposed new law (EFCA). It will not rob the employees of the right to vote for representation.

Even the Wall Street Journal finally spoke the truth about this. It will change dramatically who can and cannot ask for that right.

Currently employees and the employer can ask for and receive a secret ballot election. The EFCA will remove the right for an employer to demand that a secret ballot election be held. That is what big and small business is screaming about.
The whole point of the letter is that EFCA won't eliminate secret ballots. How did the headline writer miss that?

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Fitz said...
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Fitz said...

Yeah, my eyes went wide when I saw that headline. Thankfully I actually read the letter, but it really sucks for Brian Cox.