Friday, March 20, 2009

Pack Your Bags, Penn State Lehigh Valley is Movin' on Up

The Penn State Board of Trustees announced today that maybe,just maybe, tuition might increase a little less, just a little less, than originally proposed. Not that it's written in cement or anything.

Oh, and they went ahead and bought the campus of the defunct Lehigh Valley College.
Also Friday, trustees approved the relocation of the Lehigh Valley branch campus from its Fogelsville location to Center Valley, 16 miles away.

The university paid $12 million for the 29-acre property. Proceeds from the sale of the Fogelsville campus are expected to help defray the cost.
There is no word at this time if the BOT based their decision on those faulty projections from the Penn State Propaganda Portal.

Let see how long it takes them to sell the old campus and how much they get for it.

Yep, times are tough at Penn State.

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