Wednesday, February 04, 2009

After The Fact

I learned about Kenn Starr's talk at Penn State via the Dickinson School of Law newswire. The Penn State Propaganda Portal didn't put anything about the talk on its front page, that is until this morning, the day after the talk. Any ideas as to why they chose to keep this guy at arms length?

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PSUdain said...

Um, yeah. I'd say that most likely it's his involement with Prop 8.

On March 5 he will stand before the California Supreme Court, not just arguing for Prop 8 to be upheld, but also arguing for the forced divorce (what they're euphemistically calling "nullification of marriages") for 18,000 legally married couples.

Or it could be that whoever was sponsoring the talk didn't get their info in to the PSU Live folks in time to get it included beforehand.

But I really hope it's that they want to keep this creep at arm's length.