Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You Read It Here First

Last Friday at the Board of Trustees meeting Graham was talkin' the happy talk about how Penn State was well positioned to weather the economic crisis we have entered. I noted that it was likely  that he was maneuvering to blame the Commonwealth for any hardship born by Penn Staters. As I wrote,
No he'll say, we were in great shape relatively speaking and I didn't think layoffs would be needed, but the State didn't come through.
The Collegian reports that at today's University Faculty Senate meeting Graham has begun the pivot toward  placing the blame in Harrisburg.
Penn State President Graham Spanier introduced the possibility of laying off "select positions" at Tuesday's University Faculty Senate meeting.


Spanier also mentioned the dilemma Penn State faces, as state appropriations will likely decrease and tuition will increase.
He hasn't blamed this on the  Commonwealth just yet, but he's set up the shifting of blame in that second clause.

In related news, Hershey Medical Center isn't feeling too well.   The Medical Center's problems could eventually impact the University itself since the Medical Center is not a separate entity from the University.

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