Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ok, The Problem Could Be the Minibar

Here's an update to the story on the cost of housing the football team at Toftrees before home games. A commenter over at the Centre Daily Times noted that there were seven home games in 2007 and 2008, but their will be eight in 2009. It's true that I should have taken this into account, however  the increase in cost in 2009 was not due to this fact alone. The per game cost in 2007 was $17,857, in 2008 it was 19,142 and next year it will be $21,250. The cost per game will jump 11% next year over this year and it will be up 19% over the cost two years ago. The percentage increases per game are smaller than the overall percentage increases, but the increases remain substantial nonetheless. I still say that the players might be watching too much porn or maybe they are raiding the minibar.

And just a warning, making any comment at the CDT that can be construed as the least bit negative to Penn State football is the cyberspace equivalent of walking in a Penn State frat in an Ohio State sweatshirt.

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