Friday, January 23, 2009

Iceberg? You Must be Hallucinating

The Board of Trustees is meeting today. Graham's opening remarks to them are up at the Propaganda Portal. Once more there is happy talk about Penn State's financial state. Most of it is old news. He did reveal that the retention rate between fall and spring semesters is "holding steady". Of course, "holding steady" is rather vague. Numbers would have been nice.

It is really hard to judge if there is a problem at Penn State or not. All we have to go on is Graham's word things are copacetic and he's a bullshit artist extraordinaire.  This leaves me with the feeling that things aren't fine, but we will only find out after the catastrophe has occurred.

The next reality check is Rendell's budget next month. If Penn State's appropriations come in significantly lower than this year's, then there will be no hiding from the reality.

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