Friday, January 30, 2009

Graham Spanier: Union Buster

According to Penn State's fourth quarter 2008 Federal Lobbying report, the University lobbied against the Employee Free Choice Act. (Penn State spent $520,000 on Federal lobbying last year, up from $100,000 the year before.) Here's a screen shot.

Is it any wonder that Graham won't sign on to the Designated Supplier Program or take any action against Russell Athletics's union busting in Honduras when he is opposed worker's rights here at home?

No, he'd rather go on a national propaganda offensive with his support of Above and Beyond by Knights Apparel. You know... Harvey. No one in Old Main could find the time to talk to the local media about this program, but Damon Sims talked to Inside Higher Education about it. The Worker Rights Consortium refused to be interview and Knights Apparel didn't respond to IHE's request. It looks like they may be distancing themselves from the Old Main Propaganda Shop. (But someone, most likely someone in Old Main, leaked an email from Scott Nova of WRC to an unnamed university to IHE.) This IHE piece makes it perfectly clear that Graham's embrace of Above and Beyond is about shaping national opinion and not about doing any good for anyone other than himself.

Graham will do nothing to help these sweatshop workers, because he is anti-union and anti-worker.

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