Sunday, November 09, 2008

One Man's "Obscene Gesture" is Another Man's "One Fingered Victory Salute"

James Towey, the former director of the President Bush's Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, tells the world that he will miss the good and decent man who was his boss.

And he relates the following story.
Through it all Mr. Bush kept his head up and soldiered on. He took the criticism in stride. I remember riding with him in his presidential limousine to the Washington Hilton for a speech. A woman standing at an intersection directed an obscene gesture at him that I had hoped he missed. The president waved to her and with a bemused look said to me, "Did you see what she did?"
I wonder what obscene gesture the two witnessed? Could it have been this gesture?

I'm guessing that what Towey will really be missing is all the money his current employer, St. Vincent College, had hoped to get from his old employer by hiring him as president.
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