Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Silence of a Blowhard

I haven't written much recently about my favorite source of wingnut conventional wisdom, the local blogger rightwingprof, but when I read about the $150,000 that the RNC spent on grooming the Palin family, this post from rightwingprof's effusive Palin phase immediately sprung to mind.
She’s a natural — and she’s no lightweight. Here’s something that just occurred to me and so far, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. First, let’s look at Cindy McCain and the First Lady at the convention.

Now, Palin on Wednesday night.

See the difference? Cindy McCain and Laura Bush are wearing designer. Sarah is tastefully dressed, but like she’s on her way to chair the PTA meeting.

Similarly, she’s wearing notably less makeup than either Cindy McCain or the First Lady, just enough, and no more.

This is a very savvy woman here. She knows exactly what she’s doing, and don’t look for her to stumble. And best of all, she bites back. Hard. But with a smile on her face.

Look at her closely, folks. The GOP changed Wednesday night, and she’s the face of the new party.

Yes, this is a savvy woman who won't stumble. But if she did fall and picked up nick or a scrape, I'm sure that her personal makeup artist, who was paid more than $4k in September, will be able to hide them.

....rightwingprof...whadda yutz......

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