Monday, October 06, 2008

I Think This Explains A Lot

Steve Benen at  his new digs at the Washington Monthly's  Political Animal blog is a bit perplexed.
Before the initial House vote, Obama and McCain endorsed the bill. Democrats responded (most of them supported the package) and Republicans completely ignored McCain's "leadership" (the GOP rejected the measure by a 2-to-1 margin). Based on McCain's arguments today, the majority of the House Republican caucus is to blame for the latest market collapse.

What's more, when the House approved the bailout package on Friday, it was Obama who was successfully lobbied House Dems to support the bill, while a majority of House Republicans continued to oppose the legislation, despite McCain "phoning in," urging them to follow his lead.

The "price of delay" was today's dramatic drop on Wall Street? So, if I'm following McCain's logic, the reason investors lost billions today is that House Republicans blew off McCain's financial advice.

Who's coming up with these arguments? Did McCain hire clowns to write his speeches?

It's funny that you should ask Steve. In fact,.... Well, take a look.

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