Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on Burke-ing the System

Today's Centre Daily Times has more on the dismissal of charges against Mifflin Streaker Elizabeth Burke. Here is Penn State's chief bullshit artist Bill Mahon's take on the situation
We will continue to promote what we believe is appropriate behavior on campus and try to educate students about the expectations of society as they develop into responsible young adults, said Bill Mahon, Penn State’s vice president for university relations.
Does he really think that the Mifflin Streak has uncovered a widespread failure of Penn State students to have been fully socialized? Does Mahon think that Penn State students don't know that in general it is not acceptable to run naked in public?

It's also funny the way that Penn State views arresting students for engaging a harmless tradition to be part of their education. What's the real lesson? Beware of powerful entities abitrary exercise of power. That's a valuable life lesson, for sure, but does one actually have to be arrested to learn it?

Come on, this is not about educations. It's about Penn State protecting its brand. Even the DA was on board with that.

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