Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank-You Hershey

Let's take yet another look at Penn State's propaganda efforts on behalf of Hershey.

The Research/Penn State article which inspired my first post on this topic opens up with the following,
For serious chocoholics, the best health-related news in the past decade had to be that dark chocolate is good for you.A recent Yale study concluded that eating dark chocolate can mean better cardiovascular health, with short-term improvements in blood pressure and arterial function.
I wonder if they meant this Yale study.
The Hershey Company is sweet on research it funded at Yale that concludes eating dark chocolate can result in short-term improvements in arterial function and blood pressure. The report released today is also likely to catch the eye of many senior citizens – always alert to cardiovascular benefits.

I guess since the primary purpose of Penn State under Graham is the economic development of the Commonwealth there's no problem in using the University's name and reputation,whatever that's worth, in surreptitiously helping a Pennsylvania company sell it wares. After all, scientific integrity is such a quaint outmoded concept.

But at Yale, things are still done the old fashion way. Researchers acknowledge any funding that may call into question the independence of their scientist. Look at the second slide in this ppt.

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