Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting It Right

I'm pretty hard on the Centre Daily Times for its various failures. So when they do something right, even something small, I feel an obligation to point it out.

As I noted last week, Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences Richard Alley was elected to the National Academy of Sciences and he was the only one in this class from Penn State. But the Penn State Propaganda Portal inflated that number to two by including their Rent-A-Nobel-Laureate Barry Marshall, who was also in the current class.

You can almost always count on the CDT to reprint the University's press releases lies and all. Today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the following announcement in the paper.

Professor elected to Academy of Sciences

Richard B. Alley, Evan Pugh professor of geosciences at the Penn State, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

The academy, established in 1863, advises the federal government on scientific or technical matters. The election of Alley and 71 other new U.S. members brings its active membership to 2,041.

The election recognizes the new members for their distinguished and ongoing achievements in original research.

Alley studies ice cores — samples of ice that record Earth’s past climate. His research focuses on abrupt climate change, glaciers, ice sheet collapse and sea level change.

He has participated in several ice core drilling projects in Antarctica and Greenland and spent multiple field seasons working in Alaska.

See, no mention of the Rent-A-Nobel-Laureate.

I've gotta wonder if the brief but beautiful life of CDT Watch has had an impact. Ahhh...probably not.

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