Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bob Alludes To Some Anonymous Dudes

I think CDT Watch has gotten a hold on Bob Heisse's attention.
Oh, do I ever enjoy anonymous blogging, and we certainly have a community of it here in Happy Valley.

I'm not talking here about leaving anonymous comments with stories.
I'm talking about setting up blogs and typing away, endlessly, while
hiding behind a curtain.

It's easy to do that, I know.

I find it fascinating, and I have a clue who some of the writers
are. And I'll just point out if they ever want to reach me for
something I'm pretty accessible. Answer my own phone.

For Bob the anonymous comments left on stories at the CDT are nothing to worry about. They're just fine. It's us anonymous bloggers, the ones whose comments he can't delete or fail to publish when they are left on his blog, that raises his ire. And he also writes in his best assistant principal prose "I have a clue who some of the writers are ..." Anyone scared?

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