Monday, April 28, 2008

Republicans Don't Have a Lock on Stupid, But Evil is All Theirs.

The anatomy of a smear. It starts with a pro-Clinton, anti-Obama, anti-war blogger who is obsessed with the infiltration of the Democratic Party by communists.
On the issue of the pathetic males, yeah, we caught it. Ava and I never laughed so hard. Add "community" to "movement." Nine times out of ten, someone claiming they decided to support Barack for either is a Communist hiding in their closet. "Red baiting"? Ava and I never laughed so hard. We can't link to it, we can't comment on it because we're really not in the mood for Communist Party members who pose as Democrats today. But let's be really clear, the CP and the DNC are two different parties. When you are CP and you interject yourself into a DNC primary, calling you out is not out of bounds. The general election is open to all. The Democratic Primary is not supposed to be influenced by Communists or, for that matter, Socialists or Greens or anyone not of the Democratic Party. If you're not a Democrat and you're deciding to endorse Barack, it's not "red baiting" to clarify that an outsider is attempting to hijack a political party. As a comedy reel, it was wonderful to listen to. As anything resembling journalism? Not so much. (No surprise.) Funniest line: "Senator Clinton can't have it both ways!" Uh, she's not the Communist going on a broadcast today pretending to be a Democrat. It takes a lot of nerve for a Communist pretending to be a Democrat to accuse Hillary of trying to have it both ways. Again, it's a Democratic Party primary. If you're not a Democrat, butt out. If you don't, closet doors can come down and you brought it on yourself by lying. You and you alone. (And it's not "red baiting" anymore than the Democratic Party, in 2004, noting that Ralph Nader was getting support from some Republicans was "conservative baiting". Get real. It's about frauds trying to trick people.) You can endorse whomever you want in a general election but a Democratic Primary is for Democrats and, of course, the Closeted know that which is one reason they pretend to be Democrats. Not playing that game here.

The blogger insinuates that Sam Graham-Felsen who has one of many community blogs on Obama campaign Web site is a communist. This insinuation is based on the following facts. During a trip to post communist Russia during his sophomore year at Harvard he recommended that his traveling companion read Marx and upon his return from that trip his college apartment had a communist flag hung behind the bar and he had a copy of Marx on his bookshelf.

Stunning I know, but it gets worse.

He wrote an article on Noam Chomsky for the Harvard Crimson in which he gently suggested that Chomsky tone down his rhetoric, but he failed to criticize Chomsky's ideas. That is most surely a sign of this young man's perfidy. Further, he wrote a piece for the Nation which was republished by a socialist journal.

That's the stupid part.

The wingnut blog Little Green Footballs linked to this post under the title Obama's Official Blogger: A Hardcore Marxist. Note how the insinuation is replaced by a statement of fact. But, not many people will take LGF too seriously. That's not true of the oh so serious blog run by the Club For Growth which links to LGF under the title Obama's Official Blogger is a Marxist. Now this stupidity will be repeated up and down Wall Street and in country clubs throughout the nation as a disturbing fact about Obama.

That's the evil part.

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