Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Gonna Do It! Wouldn't be Prudent.

In today's Collegian, Graham, while defending his actions lack of action on DSP, channeled Dana Carvey channeling George H. W. Bush.

And by the way, was Graham's "column" about the laziest and saddest excuse of an essay you've ever read? Really, a short intro and three bullet points? This qualifies as an argument? It looks like he submitted a power point slide and the Collegian published it. And you folks at the Collegian do know you don't have to print this stupidity just because he's the president.

People should be aghast at this and ashamed to be associated with a school which he leads.

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Action Alz said...

Five million people in this country suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. During the next administration, the number will skyrocket due to the aging baby boomer population.

We need to ask our candidates what they’re going to do about it before it bankrupts Medicare and Medicaid. PA voters must ask that question now.