Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cutting Out the Middle Man

In February, Jennifer Thomas wrote a story for the Centre Daily Times about a business accelerator in State College called the Blue Line which was a big smooch on the lips of Dave Barton the head honcho there. The problem was that Barton had been the money man behind the Lion Launch Pad, a non-profit incubator. He pulled out of that operation under suspicious circumstances and took all of its clients with him to his new for profit operation. Thomas glossed right over that.

You can read what I wrote on the topic back then, as well as, some comments by Barton by following the links here.

I suggested that the CDT should do something to rectify the piss poor reporting on Thomas' part. I found out today by accident that they have. They cut out the middle man. They've given Barton a blog to help him in his self-promotion. As I wrote at the time,
Don't you all wish we had a better paper than the CDT?
Anyway, if you are so inclined, stop by his blog and ask him in comments about what exactly happened to the Lion Launch Pad. But be respectful if you do.

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