Monday, March 24, 2008

Graham Should Be Happy

I've just heard a rumor from a very reliable source that Adam Smeltz resigned his position at the CDT at the end of last week. My source tells me that Adam's last day will be April 4th and he'll be starting a new job with the South Jersey paper the Courier-Post on April 14th.

I wish Adam the best of luck. He has done a great job at the CDT cutting through the Old Main bullshit, despite an editorial policy at the paper which often seems to take its cue from Graham.
I was very impressed with his coverage of the Board of Trustees junket to DC this past weekend. (BTW, I'll be commenting latter today or tomorrow on some of the information he reported on from DC.) His departure will be a setback to those of us who came to depend on his reporting to see behind the Blue Curtain.

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