Friday, February 29, 2008

State Paddy's Day

I was going to rip apart Tom Shakley's post on State Paddy's Day latter today. However, Ha-mace dismantles SOS for me.

All I'll say about the Shakley post is that it is what you'd expect of someone that can convince himself that Rick Santorum is great man.

Sorry, there are no links to Tom's political musings, since he has scrubbed his blog archive. I guess he doesn't want his slavish devotion to stupidity on the record.

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Anonymous said...

Professor Shapiro, you are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Did some just out Veblen as David Shapiro, Economics Professor at Penn State?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean this David Shapiro is Veblen?

I hope the "powers that be" don't come after him. You go, man!

Mr. B. said...

Veblen -

I am a faculty member at the U of Minnesota. Any chance you could contact me - off line - at

In thinking about this, please Google: Periodic Table University of Minnesota and Bonzo.

I would like some information about Penn State from someone familiar with the situation there.


Bill Gleason