Monday, February 25, 2008

Fully Fluffed

Was it a coincidence that Spanier was repeatedly fluffed by the Collegian last week or was it part a pr campaign orchestrated by Old Main? I've already discussed the fluffing he received from Jessica Turnbull on Thursday of last week and the odd headline on a another story, but that wasn't the only fluffing going on. There were also stories about Graham eating a Greek dinner and playing racketball with a ringer.

How do these stories get placed in the Collegian? Does Geoff Rushton, the assistant manager of the Penn State New Bureau and former Collegian reporter, pick up the phone, call the Collegian news editor, mention that Graham's in town, and he's available for fluffing?

And why does Graham have an urge to be fluffed? Could it be that he's feeling a bit low about bad publicity surrounding the news that he and Pennsylvania Senator Jake Corman (R-Old Main) colluded to hide the inner workings of the University? Perhaps the revelation that Penn State spin-outs haven't created many high-tech jobs has Graham concerned that his days of having his bullshit accepted without question are coming to end. Or maybe Graham wants to pump up his positives before news of the credit crisis impacting Penn State hits the stands. Is it be any of these things?

We want to know.

Geoff, feel free to leave answers in the comments.

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