Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Arms of Morpheous

In a post yesterday, I offered as evidence that Graham was flying to Harrisburg rather than driving so that he could spend a few extra hours in the sack his endorsement a few years back of fewer 8 am classes.
Spanier also clarified a comment he made last fall suggesting that more afternoon and evening classes be offered to reduce the number of 8 a.m. classes. "We need to be a more student-centered university, and many college students seem to be creatures of the night," he said. "Why don't we acknowledge this and offer more classes in the late morning and afternoon and experiment more with evening classes?"
Now I knew that this was-shall we say-a bit weak. It really didn't follow from this endorsement that Graham isn't a morning person. However, I knew that Graham had admitted to being a late riser, but I was in a hurry and couldn't find the link.

Well, now I've found it. His admission comes in an interview from January of this year with Jessica Turnbull-yes that Jessica Turnbull. I give you Graham on the topic of his sleep habits.
Now, on the other half of the days when I'm here, my most typical day begins at 9 a.m. Some days I have to start at 7 or 8, but I prefer to start at 9 because I'm a late-night person, and I usually don't go to bed until 1 or 2 a.m. So the idea of a 7 a.m. breakfast is not highly appealing to me, although one day a week I may have to do that. But I'll always work until at least midnight every day. I, generally, every day would have a lunch and dinner meeting.
So kids, remember that Graham wasn't really all that interested in accommodating your sleep patterns when he suggested paring back on morning classes. He was looking out for himself.

Oh, to be fair to Jessica, she does ask a few tough questions in the interview. Unfortunately, she lets Graham spin and dance without tough follow-ups.

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