Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pseudo-Science State

As we all know, Graham's a mediawhore. For him any attention he or the University receives, that isn't generated by drunk students, bad-taste Halloween costumes, or pugilistic football players, is good attention. What about a Paranormal State, with its Penn State backdrop and student connection, and its celebration of pseudo-science? No problem, so long as the aforementioned forbotten activities aren't shown.
Before the pilot taping, Penn State administrators worked with the team during the show's planning and insured no students would be taped "while engaging in any illegal activities," said Bill Mahon, a university spokesman.
It's all about keeping those application numbers inflated.
"It looks like a high-quality show," [Mahon] said. "It'll be great exposure for the university. There's no way we could afford to buy that much air time on a major network.
I'm guessing that this dramatic picture of Old Main from the New York Times is exactly the sort of exposure they were looking for from this series, but I wonder if this review is what they hoped for.
It’s too bad that “Paranormal State,” a new series on A&E, is unlikely to find a mass audience, because the parodies it would inspire on shows like “Saturday Night Live,” if it had the requisite level of public recognition, would be delicious.
Not that this would embarrass Graham. He knows no shame.

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