Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's Unlikely That It Was Spanier's Magic Which Made Peter Weiler Disappear

Yesterday Penn State announced that it was losing a top administrator.
Penn State Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Rodney P. Kirsch announced today (Dec. 19) that a longtime leader of the University's fundraising team will be departing early next year. Vice President for Development Peter B. Weiler has accepted the dual post of senior vice president for development at The Ohio State University and president of The Ohio State University Foundation. He will make the transition to the institution's Columbus campus by March 2008.
I suspected that Weiler would be heading to OSU and had a debate with myself about posting my speculation. Yesterday's announcement cut that debate short. The reason that I had a hunch is that I've been getting visitors referred to this blog, for at least a week, from Google searches on ' "Peter Weiler" AND "Ohio State" '. The first few visitors were from Ohio State IP addresses, but earlier this week they started to come from Penn State IP addresses as well. I guess the latter ones came as the rumor spread to University Park.

Left of Centre showed up in those searches because the post The Lion is Out. The Weasel is In. refers to both the PSU-Pike/OSU YouTube beer tossing video and to a Collegian article on Old Main skimming interest on donation made to student groups and colleges, in which Weiler was interviewed.

I've decided not to be scooped again on the Weiler story, hence here is my speculation on why Weiler is leaving. Via Columbus Business First,
Weiler, 52, replaces James C. Schroeder, who left the post in the fall to serve as special counsel to OSU President E. Gordon Gee. His salary will be $400,000
We can be pretty sure that he isn't earning any more at Penn State than Provost Rodney Erickson and Treasure Gary Schultz, each of whom are paid $385,010. Therefore I'd have to say it's the money and not the fact that he was fed up with being forced to watch Spanier do his cheesy card tricks. Although getting away from that, has got to be frosting on the cake for Weiler.

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