Friday, October 26, 2007

John Edwards Says the Right Things

From today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes the following.

"What does Washington do while corporate profits climb and the wealth of the very wealthiest grows -- all at the expense of the vast majority of hardworking Americans? It circles the wagons around the people who are already doing the best," [presidential candidate John ] Edwards said in remarks prepared for delivery that were provided to The Associated Press. "Instead of protecting the compact of equal opportunity and shared prosperity, Washington protects corporate profits and hoards prosperity."

Under his plan, Edwards wants to:

Require corporations to disclose lobbying activities, political contributions, environmental impacts and government contracts and subsidies.

Give shareholders new rights regarding corporate governance, allowing them more say in decisions such as executive compensation.

Protect consumers from abusive financial products, such as high-cost mortgages and lines of credit, and payday loans.

Modernize labor laws to help workers join unions and bargain for better pay and benefits.

Create universal retirement accounts that would require employers to offer savings plans for workers who can't access pensions.

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