Wednesday, October 10, 2007

At Last a Smart Penn State Student Blogger. Oh, and Funny Too!

Ha-mace is rapidly becoming my favorite Penn State student blogger. He's got a wonderfully snarky sense of humor and comes across as rather bright. Yesterday, he gave us a summary of the football programs woes.
It's like every day things get worse for the Penn State football squad. It's like they forgot this is Penn State. Look, the weather has been hot lately, but this is not Miami, get it straight folks. JoePa is probably turning in his grave. What? He's alive?
Be sure to click on that link and read the whole post. You don't want to miss his graphic. I'll be adding his blog to my blog roll the next time I update it.

[Update: In the comments, ha-mace informs us that that he isn't that smart. This being Penn State that doesn't surprise me, but he still is funny and, so far, he hasn't revealed any breathtaking stupidity in his blog. I think he might be underestimating his IQ.]

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1 comment:

ha-mace said...

Thanks for the compliment Veblen. You'd actually be pretty surprised, I'm not that bright.
Thanks for the add. Now I have to actually live up to some sort of hype though. Great!