Monday, July 09, 2007

This Might Explain Why the CDT is Often Vapid

On Friday, CDT Editor Bob Heisse wrote the following on his blog Back in Happy Valley.

Now about naming bridges

We're in a budget stalemate, some state workers face furloughs and some state services may end Monday.

So legislators are frantically trying to work out an agreement, right?

Think again.

This is one of today's e-mails:

HARRISBURG, July 6 – Centre County state Rep. Scott Conklin has introduced legislation that would name the bridge on state Route 322 linking Clearfield and Centre counties as Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

I had a problem with this and explained why in the following comment.

Perhaps you can explain how this measure has in anyway distracted the House from working on the budget. Has it set off long debates or procedural moves which have slowed or shutdown the budgeting process? Or was it simply, as I suspect, a routine matter which had no impact on the budgeting process?

I ask these questions because our press corps has been obsessed with the trivial, such as the Edwards haircuts or Gore's earth tone suits, and ignored, to the detriment of our country, truly profound issues of our day, such as whether a failed businessman and governor, in as state with a weak governor, with strong family connections, had the ability to run this nation.

I expect more intellectual rigor from our press.

Bob moderates his comments. So far, this one hasn't been posted. Maybe Bob thought that it wasn't civil (1,2,3,4,5).

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