Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bush Does Python

President Bush: Our Mission in Iraq is clear:disarmament. No,no, wait. It's.......ahhhh...disarm, regime change and ah.. free the Iraqi people. And we've completed that mission. Nope, not quite. Did I say develop a free Iraq, because I meant to. Yea that's in our mission too. And ah, and ah... as self governing one too..... I think that's everything. Oh, oh, oh, I forgot, train the Iraqi troops. So, that's it our mission is clear: disarm, regime change, free the Iraqi people, free Iraq, advance democracy, and train the Iraqi troops. Damn I forgot, , ah..... let's see, ah...protecting America from terrorists. That's it, isn't it? One second, one second, I think I left out providing security for the Iraqi population. You know what let's just say I got a new mission.

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