Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Matt Shaner Ain't Walter Reuther

Legislation that Congress is currently considering, the Employee Free Choice Act, is undemocratic and will lead to widespread worker intimidation across America.

The bill proposes that we abandon our fundamental right to a private ballot and enables unions to issue a check card that would force workers to publicly decide whether they would prefer to be unionized at their place of employment.

Those are the words of Matt Shaner who, as president of Shaner Investments in State College, one of his daddy's companies, will never, ever, vote in a union election, unless he is busy stuffing a ballot box. He isn't concerned about the fate of working families. He's concerned with the fate of his bank account. If you think otherwise, think again. He is a member of Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry which has stood firmly against raising the minimum wage.

"Supporters of having the government, instead of the private market, determine wage rates have said that there has been no solid evidence supporting claims that increasing the minimum wage leads to lost jobs," said Gene Barr, PA Chamber vice president of political and regulatory affairs. "But just tell that to the roughly seventy Kennywood Park employees who were laid off as a result of the recent increase in the state's minimum wage."

He so concerned about having to cut back on his discretionary spending that he resorts to trying to scare us.

However, the idea of taking away an American's right to vote under secret ballot and allowing a Big Brother system to track who is doing what is un-American and dangerous. This is how many authoritarian countries, such as Iran, Syria and the old Iraq, elect their dictators.

For the record Matt, the bill doesn't take away the right of workers under secret ballot. They can still do so if they want. It allows worker the alternative of a card-check And the reason that unions want this alternative is that business has, under the current secret ballot system, intimidated workers who were trying to form unions Matt isn't really concerned that workers will be intimidated by union organizers into forming unions. Matt is really concerned that business will lose its ability to intimidate workers into rejection unionization.

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