Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Keeping Secrets is Oh So Stressful

On Monday, Graham argued that extending a strengthened Right-To-Know law to cover Penn State would hamstring it in its competition with other universities. As examples of the competition he listed Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. The stress of trying to keep a lid on his dirty laundry must have gotten to him, because he appears to have forgotten that Penn State is a member of the Big Ten and every state university in the Big Ten is covered by their respective state's Right-To-Know laws. Some of these laws are very strong and all of which are strong. You can read about them here. This includes the Universities of Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin, three schools which consistently rank higher than Penn State on almost every measure of research quality. On the other end, as noted by the blog State Sunshine and Open Records, Alabama and South Dakota have worse Right-To-Know laws than Pennsylvania and their state schools aren't exactly known as research powerhouses.

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