Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is an Idea Whose Time Has Come.

Oregon State University has placed its entire budget online in a format which can be searched. It is only available via computers connected to the internet through the university's domain, but that includes public computers in the university library. You can see a Flash demonstration of the online budget here.

Imagine if you could search the Penn State budget to find out how much the granite curbstones behind Old Main cost and who payed for them. It would give everyone a better understanding Graham's priorities and to whom he may owe allegiances. Students and faculty at Penn State should together apply pressure on Old Main to adopt such an online budget.

Graham is all about accountability when he is taking account of the faculty. Here he is speaking, at a University Faculty Senate meeting, in favor of post-tenure, which was all the rage at universities in the late ninties as a way to shift power from faculty to administrators.
...[T]here always continues to be a need for a greater degree of public accountability, and that centers principally on assuring people that those who have tenure are being reviewed and continue to work very hard and are making the sort of progress that we expect them to make.
Let's take Graham at his word that he thinks that there is "a need for a greater degree of public accountability". There would be no better way to hold the University to account than by opening its budget. To quote Gordon De Jong --a Spanier crony who has carried water for Graham in the UFS-- on the question of tenure review, "...this is an idea whose time has come..." Let's hold Graham accountable.

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