Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For the Open Record Redux

State Senator Dominic Peleggi (R-Chester/Deleware) has introduced a bill which will amend the state's open records law. Unlike State Rep. Tim Mahoney's (D-Fayette) bill, it does not start with the asssumption that all records held by a government entity are public records and then carve out exceptions, rather Peleggi's bill specificly defines which records are public. This make the bill significantly weaker than Mahoney's bill. The good news is that like Mahoney's bill it does cover state-related universities.

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1 comment:

Maverick said...

I'm so glad that you have been following the Open Records issues in PA, since (as the PHEAA debacle shows) these issues need people to pay attention! It's always a shame when policy makers try to deny the public their right to witness the workings of government. If any bill should be introduced to amend access to Open Records, I think it should be to make them MORE accessible to MORE people and from MORE state-related agencies.
Thanks for posting on this subject; keep up the good work!