Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Official

Rene Portland has resigned as head coach of the Lady Lions basketball team. reports that she was forced out.
Veteran Lady Lion coach steps down from the post she held for more than a quarter of a century. Sources tell she resigned under pressure from the Penn State administration.


But a source close to the situation said Portland was given an ultimatum by the university last Friday -- step down or be dismissed.
However, at a presser this afternoon Athletic Directer Tim Curley denied that the University forced her out-kinda.

Curley denied reports that university officials pressured Portland into the decision by telling her she would be fired had she not resigned, but admitted he was not surprised when she handed in her resignation.

"I did not try to convince her to change her mind," Curley said. "She had obviously given this a lot of thought and I didn't think it was in my position to try to change what she had looked through in her situation, and I have never been one to try to talk people out of something that they had given a lot of thought to."

Note that Curley has not denied that Portland was forced out. All that he denied was the particular method used to force her out. The fact that her resignation didn't take him by surprise suggests that other methods were used to push her out.  It is also worth noting that,
Karen Doering, Harris' attorney with at the National Center for Lesbian rights, said her client wished Portland the best. "This did not have anything to do with the lawsuit to our knowledge," Doering said about Portland's resignation.
I will wait to see what tomorrow's papers bring before I add my own two cents on this.

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