Thursday, February 01, 2007

A New Open Record Law is Starting to Look as Inevitable as a Sunrise

Today brings news of more support for revising Pennsylvania's open record law.

State House Speaker Dennis M. O'Brien said Wednesday that he'd support changing Pennsylvania's Right-to-Know Law to include the state Legislature.

Speaking to an audience of newspaper publishers, editors and editorial writers, O'Brien also stressed his continuing commitment to changing the way the 203-member House conducts business, and said he hopes a recently convened reform commission will become a permanent fixture in the Capitol.

''I really am committed to changing our ways,'' O'Brien said in a midday speech on the opening day of the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association's annual government affairs conference. ''We have to get better at finding common ground.''

There is no word in the article about O'Brien's position on extending the law to state-related universities, but this is still good news. It indicates that there is momentum building up to reform the open record law which would make it hard for Spanier to derail the extension of the law to Penn State.

Let's keep up the pressure on the legislature to pull up the shades on Old Main and let the sunshine in.

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