Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Tale of Two Dogs

The Lap Dog

University Park Undergraduate Association President Jay Chamberlin said he has faith in the [Penn State Board of Trustees]. "I think they're doing a decent job," he said. "That's not saying there's not room for improvement, but for the most part they do a good job being accountable."


Penn State has been criticized in the past for not fully disclosing its budget, a claim [board secretary] Ammerman disputes. "The budget is an open budget," she said. "It's viewable online."

Chamberlin agreed, saying the online budget gives a broad impression of the university's finances. "You can get a pretty general idea of what Penn State is spending its money on," he said. Although, he added, "you don't get to see how much a department is spending on pencils."

The Bulldog

Nick Stathes, president of the Undergraduate Student Government, painted a different picture. "My experience with the board of trustees was that it seemed as though they didn't ask the right questions to those individuals who presented things to them," he said. "They just accepted things at face value and weren't very interested in learning. Students are losing a lot of the traditional rights that we used to have, and I haven't seen a lot of debate in the board about this."


Stathes disagreed, [with Ammerman about the openness of the budget], saying the vagueness of Penn State's disclosed budget has held the university back from state appropriations. "Legislators have told me it's difficult to allocate more money to Penn State because it's difficult for their constituents to scrutinize the budge," he said. " [The university] isn't completely open with how it's

Guess which type of dog Spanier prefers as a pet.

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