Friday, January 19, 2007

Let the Sunshine in or Admit That You'd Like to Keep the Shades Down.

Two days ago, as I have previously discussed, Penn State flak Bill Mahon struck a "what me worry" pose with respect to State Representative Tim Mahoney's proposed open records legislation when he said,

...[He] has no problems with the proposed legislation.

"There are a number of newspapers over the years who have demanded Penn State make budget information available. This usually comes from newspapers who haven't checked our Web site," he said. "You can literally find hundreds and hundreds of pages of budget information."

The Collegian countered with an editorial in which they called his bluff.

So, Penn State, if you would have no problem producing the information after the passing of such a bill, why not do it anyway, for the financial welfare of your students who are paying exorbitant amounts of money to attend a public university?

We anxiously await your response.

What will the next move be and who will make it? I think it is fair to say that Old Main will ignore the Collegian's invitation to let the sunshine in and wait for the attention to fade. Pressure must be maintained on Old Main to either comply with the Collegian's invitation or to come clean and state their opposition to Mahoney's proposed legislation.

This is where UPUA should step in. This group is supposed to advocate for Penn State undergraduate students, but they don't yet seem to have an agenda. This would be a great place for them to start their advocacy. Help Spanier with his tan. Push Old Main into showing its hand.

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