Friday, November 17, 2006

WMD Expert Addresses Campus Xtian Group

This past Wednesday night the anti-abortion group Penn State Students for Life hosted E. Michael Jones editor of Cultural Wars magazine who gave a talk entitled "Libido Dominandi: Sexual Revolution and Political Control." Here is how the Collegian described the talk. (Emphasis added throughout.)

Jones addressed sexual liberation throughout history and today as a means of revolution and cultural control. He referred to it as "probably the most insidious and the most successful form of social engineering, and one of the most effective forms of political control."

Jones' speech began with an account of Israeli military forces using pornography as a psychological weapon against Palestinian citizens on the West Bank. He used this to establish pornography not as a form of freedom, but as a pervasive weapon in a cultural offensive. "It's like chlorine gas," he said.

That's right. He spoke about Weapons of Masturbatory Destruction. Well, you might be thinking this guy is a crackpot. You wouldn't be alone. John J. Reilly a Reviews Editor of Cultural Wars magazine from its inception in May of 1995 until he resigned in January of 1998 explains his decision to step down in an open letter to Mr. Jones.

Once again, I ask you to please remove my name from the masthead of Culture Wars. [Note: Through an oversight, my name continued to appear on the masthead two months after we agreed it would be removed.] Provocative though the magazine continues to be, I really don't want to be involved with what is increasingly becoming a journal of psycho-sexual conspiracy theory.

The problems are apparent in your review in the May issue of Daniel Pipes' book, "Conspiracy: How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where It Comes From." For one thing, I am at a loss to understand what you mean by a "conspiracy." You cite the litigation thirty years ago to remove prayer from public schools as the product of a conspiracy "confected by Jewish organizations." There follows a quote from the Catholic bishops' attorney, William Ball, in which he lists the numerous Jewish organizations that supported the other side.

Mike, it's not a conspiracy when you organize to change public policy. It's especially not a conspiracy when your advocacy is not a secret. The Rockefeller Foundation no more "conspired" to legalize abortion than Operation Rescue is "conspiring" to end it. I object as a citizen to the use of the courts to promote abortion and contraception because it is a kind of judicial coup. However, the misuse of the courts in this fashion is a chronic problem in the American constitutional system. "Conspiracy" does not explain Roe v. Wade anymore that it explains Dred Scott or Schechter Poultry (the Depression-Era case that made FDR try to pack the Supreme Court).

I know we only have two data points here, but does anyone else see a pattern? I think Mr. Jones may be a bit of an anti-Semite. This suspicion is reinforce by a perusal of Cultural Wars magazine, which I recommend you go ahead and do. For example, consider the article entitled Stem Cells and Shadow Boxing. The piece begins by asserting that the conventional dichotomy which has puts liberals and and seculars on one side of the culture divide and Roman Catholics on the other side is a false dichotomy. To find out who the true enemy of Catholicism is, you must wade through the article. You will be rewarded for this effort with the knowledge that the true enemy of the Roman Catholic is the Jew.

I think it is fair to say that Penn State Students for Life have brought an unhinged anti-Semite to campus to speak. I believe that they have every right to do so and I won't even infer from their invitation to him that they endorse his view. I simply want to establish a record for the future when some liberal group brings in a speaker that the Right finds offensive.

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tAiO said...

Interesting, though alarming, piece on the persistence of anti-Semitism.

I sometimes wonder if such people self-identify as bigots or if they would be shocked if confronted with their bigotry.

But most of the time I just want to kick them in the kneecaps and walk away.