Monday, October 16, 2006

The Price of Self Expression in Georgia

The following is from AP via CBS.
A woman who was ticketed for having an obscene anti-President George W. Bush bumper sticker filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday against a county in the state of Georgia and its officials.

Denise Grier, 47, of Athens, Georgia, got a $100 ticket in March after a police officer in DeKalb County, which is in the suburbs of Atlanta, spotted the bumper sticker, which read "I'm Tired Of All The BUSH--."

Although a DeKalb judge threw out the ticket in April because the state's lewd bumper sticker law that formed the basis for the ticket was ruled unconstitutional in 1990, Grier is seeking damages for "emotional distress" against the county, according to the lawsuit.
How the hell does a cop not know that a law was declared unconstitutional sixteen years ago? Either he was too dumb to know that the law was no longer on the books or he chose to harass the woman with a bogus arrest. Either possibilities leads one to believe that he must be a Republican.

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