Saturday, August 19, 2006

The CDT Blinks

Today the CDT's op-ed page makes nice with Penn State. It looks like the threat of economic retaliation may have been too much.

While we frequently remind readers of this page how much a Penn State degree costs, it is also good to reflect on how much one is worth.

For some, everything.

It was worth enough for Tamba Hali that the former Nittany Lion defensive end and this year's first-round draft choice of the Kansas City Chiefs flew in from a grueling NFL training camp last week to graduate with his class.

Hali was 10 when he left war-ravaged Liberia to live with his father in New Jersey. He recently became an American citizen and, as of last week, a college graduate.

"We came here, and I couldn't read or write, and now I'm graduating from a major university," Hali, a major football talent, said, as reported in last Sunday's front-page story.

"And I did it in four years," he said proudly.

Charlie Brown, of Bellefonte, graduated from Penn State in December 2004, but was unable to attend the commencement ceremony with his classmates. He had been called to active duty in Iraq with the 109th Infantry, based in Scranton, days before.

Brown also participated in last Saturday's ceremony at the Bryce Jordan Center, as did Jason George, of Dania Beach, Fla., who, at age 78, finally finished the three credits in French he needed for his theater degree.

"I feel great," he told the Centre Daily Times. "When I realized I was going to get my degree, there was no way they were going to mail it to me. I was going to be here. This is one of the highlights of my life."

Yes, it is expensive.

Is it worth it? Ask Hali, Brown and George.

First off, Hali didn't have to pay for his education, because he was a scholarship athlete. While all three no doubt are happy with having obtained their degrees, the second two would just as likely have had warm feeling no matter where they went to school. In short, the experience of these three says nothing about whether Penn State is overpriced.

This is just the typical Penn State spin printed for free by the CDT.

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